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Australia:189 and 491 invitation round Jan 21

Subclasses 189 and 491 Family invitation round released for January 2021 – How many points do you need for your visa?

The January 2021 round has been released.

200 invitations were issued for subclass 189 up from 30 in October 2020. Despite this increase many of those who have lodged their Expression of Interest (EOI) are still waiting for an invitation despite high point scores.

163 invitations were also issued in January 2021 for subclass 491 Family sponsored up from 80 in October 2020.

Why are there so few invitations?

The May 2020 to January 2021 rounds has been different from every round for the last few years. Government priorities have changed at least in the short term to address Covid-19 and economic response.

For the above listed visa subclasses, the current processing priorities (with the highest priority listed first) are:

1. Visa applications for any points tested subclass where the Department has determined that the applicant has an occupation within a Critical Sector.

2. Subclass 491 (non-Critical Sector) – applicants are in Australia

3. Subclass 491 (non-Critical Sector) – applicants are outside of Australia

4. Subclass 489 (non-Critical Sector)

5. Subclass 190 (non-Critical Sector)

6. Subclass 189 – Points tested stream only (non-Critical Sector)

What scores did applicants need in the January 2021 round?

For subclass 189 – in January the lowest score anyone required was 65 (that includes occupations in most need in Australia such as nurses, doctors and other allied health).

For subclass 491 – Family – Most occupations required 65 points – that includes 15 points provided by family for these visas.

Accountants, External Auditors and some Engineers and IT for 189 and 491 Family simply stated NA. That may mean that none of these occupations were invited.

How long did applicants wait from EOI date of effect to invitation?

  • 189 – 9 months
  • 491 – 2 months

Which occupations and number of places that been selected so far this migration year? (189/491 Family)

1331 Construction Managers 7,145 <20

1342 Health and Welfare Services Managers <20

2331 Chemical and Materials Engineers 65

2332 Civil Engineering Professionals 141

2333 Electrical Engineers 98

2334 Electronics Engineers <20

2335 Industrial, Mechanical and Production Engineers 48

2336 Mining Engineers 24

2339 Other Engineering Professionals 32

2341 Agricultural and Forestry Scientists <20

2342 Chemists, and Food and Wine Scientists <20

2344 Geologists, Geophysicists and Hydrogeologists 1,000 <20

2345 Life Scientists <20

2346 Medical Laboratory Scientists 242

2349 Other Natural and Physical Science Professionals 1,056 24

2512 Medical Imaging Professionals <20

2524 Occupational Therapists <20

2525 Physiotherapists <20

2531 General Practitioners and Resident Medical officers 24

2533 Internal Medicine Specialists 108

2534 Psychiatrists 1,000 33

2535 Surgeons 20

2539 Other Medical Practitioners 150

2541 Midwives <20

2544 Registered Nurses 541

2633 Telecommunications Engineering Professionals 76

2723 Psychologists 47

3122 Civil Engineering Draftspersons and Technicians <20

3123 Electrical Engineering Draftspersons and Technicians <20

3132 Telecommunications Technical Specialists <20

How many places have been filled for 189?

1190 people have been invited

How many places are there for 189?

There are 6500 place available for the 2020/2021 year.

It is important to note that some of these places will be filled by eligible 189 New Zealand passport holder who do not require an invitation for a visa.

I have a high point score will I receive an invitation if I do not work in a critical sector?

While the priorities remain as they are above, and invitations are it is unlikely in the short term that a high point score will be sufficient for you to be invited.

What now for people that have high point scores but do not work in a critical sector ?

  • Take action – While the places for 189 have decreased to 6500 places in the 2020/2021 year, there are 22,400 places for 491/190 this year. That means you may need to consider state or regional options.
  • Stand by  – The migration year resets on the 1 July each year. This year everything started a little later because the delay in the Federal budget. – we will see changes again to skilled numbers and priorities at that time.
  • Consult an immigration specialist – You may be eligible for other visas.

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