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Trans Tasman travel bubble advice NZ-AU

What are the New Zealand travel bubble rules? Can I visit other countries via New Zealand?

After the Federal Government closed international borders in March as a safety measure at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, being landlocked sent most of us into wanderlust overdrive.

The Australian Department amended the Trans Tasman travel bubble advice to confirm that VISA HOLDERS are permitted to travel to NZ from Australia and return to Australia without need to obtain a travel exemption or need to enter hotel quarantine upon return.

Travellers need to be prepared for possible disruption to travel arrangements at short notice and to follow specific protocols before, during and after their travel.

The Australian federal government has already changed the biosecurity act to allow Australians to travel to New Zealand without seeking an exemption from the current travel ban. New Zealand is the only country Australians can fly to without this exemption.

Two days ago, New Zealand has announced a pause on travel with Western Australia due to a COVID-19 outbreak in Perth, pending further advice.

Who is eligible to travel?
To be eligible for the bubble, a person must have spent the previous 14 days in either Australia or New Zealand — this doesn’t mean you are required to stay for 14 days once there.

A person must also:

  • Not be awaiting the results of a COVID-19 test
  • Not have had a positive COVID-19 test in the previous 14 days
  • Not be experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, with or without a fever
  • Normal immigration, Customs and biosecurity rules still apply.

Do I need to quarantine?
The travel bubble allows people to fly between Australia and New Zealand without having to quarantine on arrival.

However, travellers have been warned that quarantine-free travel could be paused or suspended at any time.

Do I need to apply for an outward travel exemption?
No, you don’t need an exemption to fly to New Zealand.

However, you will need to fill in an online New Zealand Travel Declaration before you get on the plane.

Returning to Australia, you’ll need to fill in an online Australian Travel Declaration.

Can I travel to another country after New Zealand?

If travellers are transiting through New Zealand to another destination, they must apply for an outward travel exemption.

Currently, New Zealand does not prevent Australian citizens leaving New Zealand and travelling onwards overseas, however anyone arriving into Australia or New Zealand from any other country must enter into quarantine or mandatory isolation as directed by the relevant government departments and health authorities.

Australian citizens and permanent residents requesting an outwards exemption must acknowledge the risks of travel, and the limited [availability] and high cost of return flights to Australia.

If you need to apply for a travel ban exemption, please contact our immigration experts at info@visalounge.com.au