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With its beautiful surroundings, history and high standard of living, Europe has become an extremely desirable place for tourism and skilled immigration, as well as adventurous working holiday makers.

Asia Pacific

Australia and New Zealand are two of the most popular destinations in the world for skilled migration and tourism, with an efficient immigration system serving their huge demand for skilled migrants.


Still one of the most popular immigration destinations in the world, the US also has a complicated visa system and a vast array of visa categories, like the Green Card and the Tourist Visa.

Africa and Middle East

With the emergence of the 'global village', international travel and immigration has increased. Our worldwide visa consultants serve this constant migration stream of skilled workers and tourists.

Visa categories

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Skilled Migrant Visa

Visa options without an employer sponsor

Business and Investment Visa

Migrate and invest in a new business abroad

Student Visa

Study and live abroad

Partner and Family Visa

Options for partners, parents and children

Visitor Visa

Travel abroad for business or vacation

Work Permit and Employment Visa

Work visas with a sponsoring employer


Apply for citizenship

Sponsor licencing and work authorization

Entry clearances and visas for key personnel

We provide wide range

of global immigration and visa services

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