Partner Visa Relationship Statement:The Ultimate Guide

Crafting the Perfect Partner Visa Relationship Statement: A Step-by-Step Guide for Success

As couples navigate the intricacies of international borders, the partner visa relationship statement becomes a pivotal document, a testament to the depth and authenticity of their connection.

In this step-by-step guide, we delve into the art and science of crafting the perfect partner visa relationship statement – a powerful narrative that not only satisfies immigration requirements but also encapsulates the unique love story, making it an undeniable force in the visa application process.

Partner visa relationship statement:A crucial overview 

Navigating the intricacies of a partner visa requires a carefully constructed relationship statement. Learn how this document plays a crucial role in showcasing the authenticity and depth of your relationship.

Australia partner visa relationship statement are strictly regulated to ensure that they comply with the current Australian immigration legislation, so that the relationship between applicant and sponsor is proven genuine prior to the lodgement of the partner visa application and during the processing of the application.

The processing time for an Australia partner visa has increased significantly in the last couple of years and it may take up to two years for an application to be finally decided. We can not stress enough the importance of getting the visa application right from the start.

In order to demonstrate the genuineness of the relationship, it is required that the sponsor and applicant both showcase several identity documents, relationship documents and also satisfy various aspects of their relationship. It is imperative that both the sponsor and the applicant can prove that their relationship is ongoing and genuine to lodge a successful application.

The minimum duration for a de facto relationship is 12 months, if the applicant and the sponsor are married, the Australia partner visa application can be lodged based on the marriage certificate. However, if the marriage took place a short time before the lodgement of the partner visa application, it is highly recommended that sufficient relationship evidence prior to the marriage is proved in support of the Australia partner visa application.

In some cases, the relationship between the applicant and the sponsor is under 12 months and therefore it does not satisfy the definition of ‘de-facto’ relationship. The only option to avoid this criteria is to register the relationship with the Births, Marriages, Divorces and Deaths registry in the state of residence.

Understanding the essentials: What goes into the relationship statement

Both applicant and the sponsor must complete an online application, one application is the main visa application, and the second application is the sponsorship application. The online applications must be accompanied by supporting relationship documents covering the following aspects of the relationship:

  • Financial aspect of the relationship – This can include joint bank accounts and proof the couple have evenly shared their workload through the paying of various bills or other daily expenses.
  • Nature of the household – given partner visas require partners to be in a genuine and committed relationship to the exclusion of all others, this outlines what is done by each partner within a household. This could be joint receipts and residential leases, outlining shared responsibility of housework and children (if applicable).
  • Social aspect of the relationship – This is usually social media postings and statutory declarations from friends and family about the nature of the relationship. Any joint social activities between the couple should also be listed as proof of their relationship. Additionally, the relationship being declared to government bodies is also extremely beneficial e.g. having the relationship registered with the marriage,birth and death registry in the state where the applicant and the sponsor reside.
  • Commitment to each other – This aspect of the relationship covers the duration of the relationship, how long the couple have been living together and if the couple both see their relationship as a long-term one.

The Australia partner visa applicant and the sponsor must provide a relationship statement with their application.

This is one of the most important steps to achieving a partner visa to Australia. It is the chance to hear both the sponsor and applicants view of the relationship. It details the relationships progression, starting from how they met and how long they have known one another.

This also serves to check for any discrepancies or issues, ensuring that the relationship is genuine and continuing in the eyes of the decision maker. As well as ensure that both applicants are being truthful about the nature of the relationship.

The Power of Words: Tips for Articulating Your Love Story

A successful partner visa relationship statement will firstly need to outline key dates, starting from when the couple met and the location of the meeting. It should outline the circumstances behind their first meeting, and how the relationship developed. It will also need to include information on when both applicants chose to commit to a relationship to the exclusion of all others.

In this statement the applicant and the sponsor will also outline the nature of their household, future plans for a life together and even financial commitments. Also discuss key dates and activities that they undertake together.

It’s also important to outline how they kept in contact during periods of extended physical separation, such as when separated by country or travel.

Any additional information that the applicant and the sponsor deem important to proving the nature of the relationship should be included in addition to the relationship statement such as shared messages between the couple.


An Australian Partner Visa application is very complex and the consistency of the information provided in support of the application is extremely important to achieve a succesful outcome. 

Crafting a partner visa relationship statement is more than a task; it’s an opportunity to showcase your unique love story.

By following this guide, you’ll not only navigate the intricacies of the process but also create a document that resonates with authenticity and increases your chances of a successful visa application.

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