TSS 482 Visa Fees – Cost of sponsoring an employee

TSS 482 Visa Fees – Cost of sponsoring an employee 

How much will the TSS 482 visa cost? 

The visa fees for a Temporary Skill Shortage Visa (subclass 482) vary depending on the stream you apply under.

We have outlined below the TSS Visa application Charges (VACs) for each stream, payable to the Department of Home Affairs:

TSS 482 Visa Fees (Short-Term Stream) 

  • Primary Applicant: A$1,455
  • Adult Dependent: A$1,455
  • Child Dependent (under 18) A$365

TSS 482 Visa Fees (Medium-Term Stream) 

  • Primary Applicant: A$3,035
  • Adult Dependent: A$3,035
  • Child Dependent (under 18): A$760

TSS 482 Visa Fees (Labour Agreement Stream)

  • Primary Applicant: A$3,035
  • Adult Dependent: A$3,035
  • Child Dependent (under 18): A$760

If the subclass 482 TSS visa is lodged in Australia, an additional fee called a subsequent temporary application charge of $700 may be payable (for each applicant).

Note that the subsequent temporary application charge is not payable if the TSS visa application is lodged outside Australia.

In addition to the above TSS 482 Visa Fees, there are costs associated with:

  • Applying to become an approved business sponsor – this is an application made to the Department of Home Affairs by the Australian business to obtain the sponsor status; this status allows the business to sponsor the overseas skilled professional under 482 visa or 494 visa
  • Nominate the employee for a position within the business in line with a designated ANZSCO code

Standard Business Sponsorship Fee

  • the business sponsorship application fee is A$420

Business Nomination Fee and Skilling Australians Fund (SAF) Training Levy

  • TSS 482 Nomination fee: A$330
  • SAF Small Business (annual turnover under 10M): A$1,200 for each visa year
  • SAF Large business (annual turnover over 10M): A$1,800 for each visa year

Hypothetically, if your business has an annual turnover of less than 10 million and wants to sponsor an employee for a 2 years visa, the business nomination cost is A$330 + (2 x A$1,200).

Note: The Department of Home Affairs online system applies a credit card surcharge of 1.4% at the time of lodgement.

How To Sponsor An Employee for a Work Visa in Australia?

The sponsorship process is complex and it requires a lot of supporting documents. Visa Lounge Australia assists both employers and employees with their Australian work visa applications and provide migration advice on the full suite of employer-sponsored visas.

We have prepared a step-by-step 482 visa process on how to sponsor an employee for a work visa and you can read it here.

Is my employee eligible for a TSS 482 Visa?

We advice Australian employers on how to achieve the business sponsor status and represent Australian businesses when applying to be a sponsor.

We assist skilled professionals to prepare and lodge complete and decision-ready work visa applications to ensure the desired outcome.

Australia’s migration laws are complex and each case is different. It is highly recommended that you seek professional advice if you are interested in sponsoring an existing employee or a candidate for your business, this will save you a lot of time, stress and money in the long run.

For example, if the business nomination is refused, the Department of Home Affairs does not refund the lodgement fee and the SAF Training Levy, unless very exceptional circumstances apply.

Contact our team of Australian immigration law specialists to find out more about how your business can sponsor overseas skilled workers and the Australian sponsorship visa costs, including Temporary Skill Shortage TSS (subclass 482) Visa fees for the employer as well as other visa sponsorship costs.

VISA LOUNGE AUSTRALIA is a leading immigration advice service based in Brisbane.

For up to date advice on how to sponsor skilled professionals for your business, as well as the total sponsorship costs, including the subclass 482 visa cost for both the employer and the employee, book your confidential consultation with a migration agent in Brisbane. 




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