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Demystifying Bridging Visa:Your Ultimate Guide

Join us as we delve deep into the nuances of bridging visa mechanisms and conditions, unraveling key insights and strategies to empower your journey towards success.

Bridging Visa Process and Conditions

Many temporary visa holders who have been living in Australia on various temporary visas don’t know if they can make an application for another Australian visa from a bridging visa while they are still in Australia.

In most cases, they do not understand the consequences of a new visa application on their immigration status if they make the application as the holders of a bridging visa.

It is a very complex process, with serious implications because a change of the bridging visa subclass can significantly impact the ability of the bridging visa holder to travel overseas and work in Australia.

At VISA LOUNGE AUSTRALIA, our team of immigration specialists have been consulting individuals and businesses in Australian immigration law for over 13 years and they have answered many questions related to bridging visa subclasses and bridging visa conditions.

The answer is never simple because the legislation on bridging visa is very complex. The personal circumstances and the immigration history are always different from one individual to another therefore everyone requires customised migration advice.

Bridging Visa A

It is important to note that a bridging visa is not a substantive visa, in plain language, it is a visa that keeps an individual lawful in Australia up until a decision is made on a pending visa application.

The bridging visa A is usually granted based on an application for a temporary or permanent visa while the applicant is in Australia as the holder of a valid temporary visa (for example tourist visa, working holiday visa, student visa).

In most cases, the bridging visa A carries the same visa conditions as the visa subclass that the applicant holds at the time when the new visa application is made.

It can also be granted based on an appeal application if the applicant has a visa application refused and appeals the decision within the prescribed timeframe at the Administrative Appeals Tribunal.

It is important to seek migration advice from a registered migration specialist to fully understand the bridging visa conditions and avoid any breach of the conditions.

Additionally, a visa refusal in Australia applies a bar on the applicant to make further applications in Australia, the registered migration specialist can also advice viable options in this situation.

An application for another Australian visa may be possible if the applicant already holds a bridging visa, in this situation, it is extremely important to consult with a registered migration specialist to ensure that the active bridging visa allows the applicant to make a valid application.

The most ‘friendly’ bridging visa is bridging visa A, however there are five bridging visa subclasses in total:

  • Bridging visa A
  • Bridging visa B
  • Bridging visa C
  • Bridging visa D
  • Bridging visa E

If the legislation allows the applicant to lodge a visa application as the holder of a bridging visa A, in most cases, the next bridging visa granted to the applicant is a bridging visa C which usually comes with a ‘No Travel’ condition.

The bridging visa C remains ‘inactive’ during the period when the bridging visa A is in place.

Travel on Bridging Visa B 

Travel on a Bridging Visa is only allowed on a Bridgign Visa B, whitch it is also known as the ‘travel bridging visa‘.

Some examples of visa subclasses which can be lodged from a bridging visa A in Australia, presuming there is no bar on the applicant, is the skilled work subclass 482 temporary skill shortage visa or the permanent subclass 186 employer nomination visa.

Professional Assistance with Bridging Visa Application

The legislation is very complex, if you want to make a successful Australian visa application with a positive outcome and secure your future in Australia, contact VISA LOUNGE team for reliable migration advice.

Published by Maddie Phillips

Australian Immigration Law Specialist with over 12 years experience, I provide high touch immigration solutions for businesses and individuals, all aspects of Australian immigration law. OMARA Licenced, Member Migration Institute of Australia and Australian Human Resources Institute.

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  • Hi i am on a bridging visa A with subclass wa /010 ..can i apply fir work rights?..i applied for tourist visa 600 onshore in july before my evisitor visa husband is australian i am british and 4 of our children have citizenship here in australia, the 2 younger ichildren(who came over 6 months ago with me) are 13 and 16 in full time education here..

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